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Low Mileage JDM Mitsubishi Outlander 4B12 Engine For Sale

Quality, low mileage Japanese import JDM Mitsubishi 4b12 motor for sale. The engine is in very good shape, with 59000Km on the counter. Quality screened and compression tested, ready for a seamless Mitsubishi swap or replacement project.


*What You See In The Image Is Exactly What You Get

3 reviews for JDM Mitsubishi Outlander 4B12 Engine For Sale

  1. Josh

    Was frustrated after 3 weeks searching for a low mileage 421b for my swap project. A friend referred me to JJH and they’ve been absolutely amazing. Both in service and in quality. Bought an Outlander 4b12 engine from them. They even gave me a tour of their inventory. very Impressive inventory I must admit. They were quite Informative about what mechanical nuances were going to be needed to have motor swap easy.

    The only negative is they got the engine delivery later than announced, notably a 3 days delivery delay, but everything looked good on arrival. Thanks, guys. You rock!

  2. Mark O.

    Absolutely enjoyed every part of the purchase and delivery process for my last 421b motor. Great quality, form JJH. Awesome service and really fast shipping depsite the ongoing pandemic. You always know what’s going on with your pack and they make the order process as seemless as possible. Taking all the risk out of buying a JDM engine. Very happy with with my 1st and 2nd purchase from JJH Engines!

  3. Casper

    Got a superb 4b12 swap motor, that’s been running smoothly for 7 months now. Stellar quality guys!

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