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True Performance With A JDM 1.8L Miata Engine


The Mazda MX-5 Miata is a legendary lightweight roadster known for its incredible handling and open-top fun. At JJH the race never stops, that’s why our team of performance geeks is always on the quest for more power to maximize the full potential of your rides.


That’s where upgrading to a high-revving JDM 1.8L Miata engine comes in.


Imported directly from Osaka, Japan, Our JDM1.8L Miata engine offers the highest quality of precision and power to transform your Miata into the street/track weapon you’ve always wanted. With 1.8L of displacement from an 83mm bore x 85mm stroke, this engine delivers increased torque and horsepower. Revs to an exciting 7200 RPM redline allowing you to make the most of the powerband.


mx5 1.8l miata engine


Thanks to its optimized intake and fuel mapping, the 1.8L Miata engine swap offers a sharper throttle response for a more connected feel.


Perfect Engine For Track Days & Autocross Racing

Autocross racers, HPDE track day participants, and amateur club racers will find our JDM MX5 1.8L Miata engine provides the extra edge they need.

The increased torque and horsepower across the rev range deliver quicker lap times and more exits out of tight corners. Maintaining its factory powerband character makes the Miata an incredibly balanced performer.


We offer the JDM 1.8L Miata engine as a complete import that bolts into NA and NB generation Miatas. Ready to go Miata swap. With simple hand tools and a weekend in the garage, you can swap this performance engine into your roadster.


The Engine Swap Contains

  • Complete engine
  • 6-speed MT Transmission
  • Intake Manifold
  • Exhaust Manifold
  • Flywheel
  • Starter
  • Alternator
  • All parts and peripherals as seen in the image


Increase the acceleration and top-end horsepower of your Miata with this JDM-imported 1.8L performance monster engine!


Weight302 lbs
Dimensions155.51 × 66.14 × 48.43 in
Ships From

United States

3 reviews for JDM MX5 1.8L Miata Engine For Sale

  1. Alex O’connor

    The order came in about 7 days after purchase. Expected it much sooner, but it’s fine the quality is top-shelf.

    Thanks for the hook-up, Craig!

  2. Mel Tucker

    Delivered in about 5 days to N.J

    Good quality for a 55K miles engine. Love it

  3. Eric H.

    Great engine. Exactly what I need for my project.

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mx5 miata engine for sale
JDM MX5 1.8L Miata Engine For Sale