Used 91-92-93 JDM Toyota Previa Automatic Transmission

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JDM 1991, 1992, 1993, Toyota Previa/Estima/Tarago 2.4L transmission for Non S/C models

Robust, low mileage, AllTrac/4WD automatic transmission with lockup torque converter, electronic controls, and coupling differential.

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Quality Used 91-92-93 JDM Toyota Previa 2.4L Automatic Transmission

The robust and ever-so-reliable Toyota Previa was a flagship 90’s multipurpose van/minivan produced by Toyota from early 1990 to late 2019 across 3 generations of forward-thinking minivan builds. It featured a custom mid-engine layout, with the inline cylinder, and gasoline-powered motor installed beneath the front seats.

The first-gen Previa was marketed in both rear and all-wheel drives. Powered by a 4-cylinder 2.4L fuel injection engine, with a 5-speed manual gearbox, and 4-speed automatic gearbox. The 1990 – 1999 models featured 3 main Toyota A-Transmissions (A family of automatic RWD/FWD/AWD transmissions built by Aisin-Warner)


– The A46DE Transmission (RWD/Non-supercharged)

A solid 4-speed automatic transmission with torque converter and complementary electronic controls

– The A46DF Transmission (4WD/Non-supercharged)

A robust 4-speed automatic transmission with convenient electronic controls, a torque converter, and viscous coupling differential at the center.

– The A340E Transmission (2WD/With supercharger)

A later version 4-speed automatic transmission, with an engine-specific bolt pattern and an overlayed housing case that attaches the transmission to the engine.



What you get here is a quality used, JDM 1991, 1992, 1993, Toyota Previa/Estima/Tarago 2.4L transmission.

This is the robust A46DF transmission model, AllTrac/4WD with a lockup torque converter, electronic controls, and coupling differential. A low mileage JDM transmission with ~50.000 miles, imported directly from Osaka, Japan.

*It should be noted that this transmission listing is not for supercharged Previa models 2TZ-E  2WD.


*Perfect fit for Toyota Previa ’91, ’92, ’93 non-supercharged models!


All our JDM accessories come from fully operational, JDM import automobiles and undergo a 15 – 25 multi-point inspection process, from our JDM experts and our team of auto performance geeks, before they are listed for sale! After a successful quality inspection, each transmission is dynamometer tested to ensure reliability and performance.


Used Automatic Transmission Pre-installation Maintenance

  1. Transmission cooler lines need to be flushed
  2. Always replace the transmission rear and front seals
  3. Always make sure the torque converter is all the way into the front pump
  4. Transmission oil and gear oil must be filled prior to installation
  5. Some FWD transmissions need to fill differential fluid

5 reviews for Used 91-92-93 JDM Toyota Previa Automatic Transmission

  1. Alvaro Dominguez

    Lord knows I LOVE my Previa. The most sturdy automobile companion i’ve had for close to 2 decades. Very reliable. Trailed my 93′ Previa right around 530,000 miles before the transmission gave out.

    Bought a replacement piece from JJH and it’s been running flawlessly so far.

  2. Rafael K.

    Highly recommended! The folks at JJH rock! I found out that I needed new brakes and might have a faulty transmission while having my oil changed somewhere else. I decided to get a second opinion here, and I’m so happy I did! They were able to get me in the queue right away and fork out the best replacement transmission for my 97 Tarango. Had me in and out in less than 3 hours flat.

  3. Matthew Willer

    Awesome people and high-quality service. Literally the most reliable place I’ve seen online for any sort of engine and transmission work. Definitely recommend

  4. Lewis R.

    Over 250,00 miles on my 93 Previa transmission since they hooked me up. Super sturdy and I don’t baby it at all. I tow a lot and almost always on the move.

    There’s literally no better place than JJh for any JDM transmission, engine, or rear end work. Ralph and Allen have put together a great crew.

  5. Tim Prescott

    Nothing better than my pretty-looking Previa. Motor is as solid as a tank but my trans and sgearbox died on me right aroung 487000 miles over. Got me some used spares off JJH and has been rocking ever since.

    You could go to the moon with Elon Musk and come back, this minivan will keep running forever with basic maintenance. Absolutely Love IT

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- Standard 90 days customer satisfaction warranty on all purchases- Our used transmission warranty is limited to manufacturing defects of the following parts: transmission case bell housing, torque converter (included for automatic transmissions), and all internal components, including gears and shafts.- All returns MUST be accompanied by an authorized RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization); please contact us at; to initiate a return.-Non-warranty returns MUST be made within 15 days of purchase; Keep in mind that a 25% restocking and/or shipping charge fee may apply for certain returns.- Make sure you always verify transmission fitment prior to purchase
This here is provided to help highlight some key replacement best practices, to make sure you avoid common mistakes and get the best performance from this transmission.
  • Prior to shipping, we will pull the pan to inspect the interior of the transmission and make sure everything is checked.
  • The buyer will need to replace the transmission oil filter, and pan gasket, flush, and add manufacturer-specific fluids. Axle seals, front seals, and drive shaft seals will also need to be replaced.
  • Transmission lines will need to be flushed and the transmission oil cooler replaced (This should be done so contaminants from the damaged transmission will not ruin your replacement transmission).
  • If you intend to go at this alone, perhaps relearning or resetting the adjustment of shifter mechanisms, replacement of computers & programming may need to be done at a Dealership for the effective gear shift.

  • In some circumstances, the Transmission Control Computer is internal and incorporated with the valve body, which may require the valve body to be replaced.

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used jdm toyota previa 2.4l automatic transmission
Used 91-92-93 JDM Toyota Previa Automatic Transmission

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